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Do You Suffer From The BECAUSE FACTOR™?

Explore strategies to navigate the ever-changing landscape of sales with insights into the perplexing force known as the Because Factor™. Learn how to empower your business and overcome challenges for sustained growth.

Do You Suffer From The BECAUSE FACTOR™?

Do you find yourself wondering why some businesses experience fluctuations in sales seemingly beyond their control? Welcome to the world of the Because Factor™ – a phenomenon where business comes and goes without direct influence. In this article, we explore strategies to address this perplexing force and empower businesses to navigate the dynamic landscape of sales successfully.


As we delve into understanding the Because Factor™, it's crucial to connect this phenomenon with the fundamental principles outlined in our guide, 7 Key Elements To Successful Sales Forecasting. By examining year-over-year business trends, we can uncover insights into the dynamics of this perplexing force.


Have you considered (and evaluated) how much of your business you have and will continue to enjoy because you are the incumbent supplier? That’s the Because Factor™ at its core; your business will go up and down because your customer’s business goes up and down. While you can’t control it, let’s explore some ways you can mitigate its impact on your business, both short and long-term. Now, let's explore some ways to mitigate the Because Factor™. The table outlines 6 steps you can take, prioritized to address this challenge.


The following table outlines, in order of preference, 6 strategic steps designed to mitigate the impact of the Because Factor™ on your business.

Sales Strategy

Target Audience

Cross-selling existing products/services to existing customers not currently buying from you.

Existing customers not currently buying from you and offering them additional or complementary offerings.

Selling new products/services to existing customers

Existing customers, leveraging your relationships

Selling existing products/services to new customers within existing markets

New customers within existing markets, expanding customer base and market share

Upselling existing products/services to current customers

Existing customers, offering upgrades or enhancements for additional value

Selling existing products/services into new markets

New markets where your current products/services have potential

Selling new products/services into new markets

Entirely new customers and markets for expansion



Additionally, the following strategies, when appropriately applied, can differentiate you from competitors, while helping your customers solve their problems, increase revenue, market share and profits and improve relationships:

  1. Bundle Products/Services: Create packages or bundles of products/services to offer customers cost savings or added convenience.

  2. Diversify Product/Service Offerings: Introduce new variations or extensions of existing products/services to meet different needs within your customer base.

  3. Strategic Partnerships or Collaborations: Explore partnerships with other businesses to jointly offer products/services or access new markets.

  4. Customer Incentive/Retention Programs: Develop programs to retain existing customers through rebates, exclusive offers, or personalized services.

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