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Sales Index Card Test

Unlock the potential of focus with our Sales Index Card Test. By assessing account management, it fosters self-realization, aiding individuals and organizations in optimizing their efforts for greater effectiveness.

Sales Index Card Test

Welcome to the Sales Index Card Test, a comprehensive tool designed to assess the effectiveness of your salesforce and ensure alignment with corporate objectives. To conduct the GENREV!™ Sales Index Card Test™, simply distribute 3" x 5" blank index cards to your sales team and while observing and being supportive, pose the following questions one at a time:



1.   Consistency of Knowledge: 

Was everyone able to answer questions 2-5 as well as they did question 1?


2.   Clarity of Corporate Objectives: 

Has corporate management clearly conveyed the objectives of the company? This is the old school, “top down” process. Have you truly conveyed the message and needs to all and is it fully understood?


3.   Alignment with Company Objectives: 

Do the actions of the sales force (individually and in aggregate) support the company objectives? Do the individual sales professionals have objectives utilizing the SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) concept?


4.   Resource and Training Adequacy:

Does the sales force have the necessary training and tools to perform their job AND manage their performance? Many business leaders believe their people have everything they need. We recommend asking the sales force this question as well as what they need to improve their performance and being open-minded (encourage the heart). Included in this are having the tools/reports to measure performance and support dialogue on this performance.


If the results of the Sales Index Card Test indicate areas for improvement, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss our GENREV!™ program and how it addresses these and other pertinent issues.

Let's embark on this journey of evaluation and enhancement together, ensuring your salesforce is equipped to excel and drive the company towards its goals.

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